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Our lab has an active research intensive program for undergraduate (honours, capstone and internship), Masters and PhD projects. Below are some of the projects currently on offer:

PhD Project (3-4 years)

  1. ​Develop image-based nanoplasmonic biosensing devices for multiplexed detection.

  2. Single extracellular vesicle analysis for pancreatic cancer liquid biopsy

Honours Project (12 months)

  1. ​Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of extracellular vesicles

Capstone/Internship Project (6 months)

  1. ​Surface plasmon resonance for monitoring biomolecular interactions

  2. Fluorescence-based nanoparticle tracking analysis

Student Reading Textbook

Scholarship information

​Please check UTS research scholarship page for application process and deadlines. Please contact Dr Zhu at early stage regarding your application and support for writing the research proposal.

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