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Nanohole array structure under scanning electron microscope.

Biosensors are analytical devices for quantitative detection of biological substances. Label-free optical biosensors manipulate light to detect the binding of target substances, resulting in a change of optical response. This single-step, ‘label-free’ detection is very different from standard immunoassays which involve cumbersome chemical/dye labelling.


Nanoplasmonic biosensor stands out as one of the optical biosensors for real-world applications given its sensitivity, rapidness, robustness, and ability to miniaturize. In this project, we are developing nanoplasmonic biosensor for rapid detection of biological substances towards a portable analytical device.

One of the plasmonic biosensors that we are currently working on are gold nanohole arrays. These nanohole arrays are produced by micro/nano-fabrication, which are well-established, scalable semiconductor manufacturing process. We are currently developing image-based analysis strategy for applications that require rapid, multiplexed (the detection of multiple analytes in a single assay) and on-site detection. 

Nanohole arrays with different geometries under optical microscope.

Selected publication

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