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Welcome to Zhu Lab!
Laboratory of In-vitro NanoDiagnostics

The analysis of biological substances such as proteins, cells and bacteria is important for many biomedical applications including clinical diagnosis, environmental monitoring, food safety and public health. Our lab is developing novel analytical technologies using nanoscale component to bring rapid, sensitive and multiplexed solutions for in-vitro diagnostics. 

Our current research projects include:

  1. Developing optical, plasmonic and metasurface-based biosensing and bioimaging platforms for sensitive detection of biomolecules. 

  2. Utilising circulating biomarkers (mainly small extracellular vesicles) from bodily fluids such as blood for in-vitro disease diagnostics, especially cancer (the so-called 'liquid biopsy').

  3. Developing advanced bio-interfaces to improve the performance of the analytical technologies.


Below are some videos that you can get familiar with some of our current research projects:

Interview with Pankind Foundation, 2020

Interview with Extracellular Vesicles and Circulating Nucleic Acids, 2022

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